Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: Frank & Dolores Del Vecchio, April 2021

Sandra and Alex have just completed the sale of our home. An emotional and stressful time selling our home of 37 years. Sandra guided us expertly in the process, arranging the house inspection and bringing in stagers who gave us a very detailed list on what needed to be done in each room, (all included in her fee). Sandra even had a list of qualified professionals who took care of some unforeseen issues in a timely manner, actually last minute! We especially appreciated her detailed review of each document we signed to ensure we fully understood it. It was piece of mind for us knowing Alex was there to make sure our house was secure and pathways cleared to make it look its best. End result - a quick sale at a great price! Thank you Sandra and Alex, we will definitely recommend your services to friends or family looking for a realtor.

By: Ashleigh and Vito, April 2021

This was our second time working with Sandra. 8 years ago she helped us purchase our first home and this past month we worked with her for both the selling of our current home in Toronto and purchasing of our new home in Stouffville. All we can say is Sandra was nothing short of amazing to work with. She is very flexible with her time, especially given we have an 8 month old baby. Sandra listened to our wants and needs and always provided her real estate expertise and guided us through all our decisions. Sandra thoroughly does her research and knows the market inside and out. She is extremely open and honest when it comes to doing business and is not pushy at all, which we truly appreciated. When it comes to negotiating, her ability to persuade and reason with others is remarkable. I would highly recommend Sandra for both your selling and buying needs.

By: Nicole & Aleksandar, November 2020

With Alex's help, we were able to find and secure our ideal home with ease. He made the entire process stress and worry free, while also taking the time to ensure we understood each step along the way. Alex always had our best interests in mind.

By: Eldrick, November 2020

Alex is a professional, caring, and deeply involved agent. I had slightly strict and niche conditions for renting an apartment and he got me so many options on the table, places I would have never found myself. If you're looking for a place please go with Alex! My landlady even told me I was lucky to have him as an agent.

By: Rupoze, July 2020

The process of selling a home can be stressful and overwhelming. However, Sandra made the process go smoothly. She was very transparent and priced the property just right. She got the house ready to be put on the market in a short amount of time. We started to get multiple offers within the second day and sold. We could not be happier with the results. Thank you.

By: Sarah, July 2020

Sandra is the best. She is detail oriented, organized and very professional. My husband and I recommend her highly. We are very thankful to her for all she has done for us.

By: Sally, June 2020

Working with Sandra has truly been a blessing. As first-time buyers, we have had a lot of questions, as well as a huge learning curve about real-estate. Not only was Sandra fast in replying to our questions, Sandra gave us the confidence to make our decisions by communicating every aspect that we needed to know, and took extra care to close the knowledge gap. Sandra was referred to us by a friend, and we will highly recommend and refer her to our other friends as well!

By: Elizabeth & Bill, July 2019

We had the opportunity to have Sandra Sheffield handle the rental of our condo unit located at 70 High Park Ave., Toronto. We were extremely impressed with how efficiently and professionally Sandra handled all aspects of the rental details. From finding a suitable tenant to having a renter’s agreement completed, Sandra kept us up to date with each showing and then finally a list of suitable renters. Sandra looked after many details which made the process work well for us. The process from start to finish was a good experience and we would highly recommend Sandra. If you would like any further information Sandra can pass along our contact details and you can reach us.

By: Dorothy, May 2019

I wanted to send along this note to thank you for all your hard work and tireless hours helping us prepare our house for the market. Your ideas on minor fix ups, staging, and most of all the pre-inspection were very helpful. It was nice to have someone like you, explain from the get go, the process of selling a house. When the time comes again, no matter where we are living, I would not think twice about picking up the phone to have you assist us again. I have been and will continue to recommend you.

By: Mandy & Liviu, July 2018

Dear Sandra, As we are getting closer to using your lease services for the 4th time, my husband and I would like to thank you for your great assistance over the years. Each and every time you guided us through all the steps, and you worked with us, and for us in support of our interests. You are a professional in the true sense of the word. Here are a few points to illustrate this: You are always prompt with your replies, punctual and respectful of us, other agents, and their clients. You put you energy, and passion into any deal regardless whether big or small. Thanks to you our condo units were leased within 48 hours to solid clients. You negotiated the best terms on our behalf, consulted with us, and guided us along the way. You gave us a sense of security, and the feeling that we are in good hands. We are looking forward to working with you again.

By: Jane, April 2018

We were very happy and pleased to work with Sandra on the sale of our mother’s home. Dealing with an elderly mother can be challenging, but Sandra knew exactly how to be the go between our mother and us. With Sandra’s positive attitude and genuine caring, it made the sale of the home go very smoothly! We will definitely recommend Sandra as your real estate agent and will be using her again in the future. Thanks Sandra for everything.

By: Monica & Tom, August 2017

Sandra made our first time home-buying experience stress-free and pleasant!. She provided us with valuable information on the entire process, and educated us as well on closing costs (which was great because there were no surprises!!). Furthermore, Sandra responded to all of our many questions (urgent and non-urgent) promptly; this was particularly important for us as it really showed her high level of customer service and her sincere support and caring for us, her clients. As we narrowed our home-buying outlook, it was clear to us that she is a great listener - she understood which factors were really important to us, and when she had a gut feeling about our home, she was totally right. It's the perfect fit for us, and we could not have done it without her tireless effort and sincere help. I am happy to recommend her excellent services to anyone because she is honest, extremely knowledgeable, and a superb listener. In our eyes, Sandra is an expert realtor. Thank you very much Sandra!

By: Ann & Stephan, August 2016

Sandra Sheffield helped us find our new home and sell our old one, and we couldn’t be happier. We recommend her highly. We had the good fortune to meet Sandra at one of her open houses and asked her to help us with our home search, which she did with patience and her considerable expertise. Anyone can sell a home in this market, but can they sell it well? After we found our new home, we trusted Sandra to sell ours and she exceeded all of our expectations. She took away all the worries and worked hard to market our home expertly and brilliantly and thanks to her hard work and sage pre-sale advice and preparations, we achieved a fantastic result. Thank you.

By: Ian, December 2015

Hi Sandra, In selling, your knowledge of market rates and advising on the best listing price was invaluable. You have some amazing connections with tradespeople to get our property up to snuff. We were well directed toward what areas would maximize value and when it made sense to hire someone vs. doing it ourselves. Timing and speed to close were important to us and you came through in a big way. In purchasing, you kept us focused on our core needs and wants despite seeing some properties that were emotionally enticing but not well suited to us. You kept us on course. I really valued your ability to keep us cool under a lot of emotional stress and I really felt that you were always fighting hard for us on both our sale and purchase. You hold yourself and the others with whom you do business to a higher standard. T's are crossed and I's are dotted every step of the way. You went out of your way to be available to us at all times and to keep us in the loop. I mean hell, you were getting married and you still stopped to deal with the other agent and to advise me! If I had to summarize to describe you to someone else, I would say that you are tenacious, uncompromising in your standards and do your absolute best for your clients. You are an industry professional who has amassed quality and trusted contacts to help your clients at every stage. Your clients are in good hands.

By: Monica, September 2015

I've spoken to a few neighbours about the sale of my house. One said that I must have done everything right. I told him, you have to listen to your Real Estate Agent and your staging expert. That is how I sold my house so successfully. People are pleasantly surprised by the price, and happy for me that I got over asking.

By: Judy, April 2015

Our family had great pleasure in working with Sandra who was very personable and easy to work with. As an experienced, knowledgeable professional, she did an excellent job throughout the entire selling process. This eventually led to a speedy completion of the sale of my mother's house…above the asking price! We had full confidence in her abilities from our first meeting where Sandra presented us with a very thorough and well-prepared plan. She worked hard and always paid attention to details, advised us about our renovations, gave us regular, well-researched updates of the market activities, co-ordinated various individuals, was proactive with the website, wonderful brochure, and, of course, kept us informed about the activities during the open house. Sandra was sensitive to our needs and always had time to answer any of our questions. We sincerely appreciate all of her time and effort and would absolutely recommend Sandra to anyone who is looking for results!

By: Frank & Gayle, January 2015

Sandra Sheffield impressed us from our first meeting. We found Sandra to be very professional and knowledgeable. Her marketing experience and calm manner met with our needs immediately. Sandra, with her strong strategic sales and negotiation abilities, resulted in a quick, successful sale of our home. Our house sold in just 7 days! We would be very pleased to recommend Sandra Sheffield to anyone of our friends, neighbours or family who are in the process of choosing a real estate agent.

By: Kelly & Richard, September 2013

Dear Sandra, Just a short note to thank you for all your efforts surrounding the purchase of our new home in Etobicoke and the selling of our previous home in Brampton. When we met at an “Open House” in Etobicoke, your pleasantness, knowledge, and willingness to make the daunting task of buying a new home easier showed through. With our criteria established, you set to work. Unique to our situation was my husband’s recovery from a recent surgery; the respect you exhibited balancing between his health needs and the task at hand, was extraordinary. To this day, both my husband and I are grateful. In no time, we had our new home purchase behind us. Now came the job of selling our current home and the added burden of thinking we had to obtain another agent in Brampton. Initially, we were hesitant to ask you to sell our home because of your lack of knowledge concerning local values and neighbourhood influences in order to market our home effectively and get a good price for it. With your reassurances and your willingness to make every aspect as smooth as possible that we saw in buying our new home, we decided to give you the opportunity. With all your insight and support around preparing our home to sell and your quick study of the market in Brampton, our home was sold for a favourable price in no time. Moreover, the neighbours across the street decided to list with you as well…another home sold by you in Brampton in no time. Sandra, your eagerness to step up and sell our home outside your “usual” marketplace certainly turned out to be a blessing for us. We benefited greatly in the security and continuity of dealing with only one agent. With this, you were able to evaluate and communicate the “big picture” aspect that is vital when it comes to one of the most significant transactions in life. One thing’s for sure; if anyone asks me if I know of a reputable real estate agent, it won’t matter where they live in the GTA, Sandra Sheffield will be my recommendation.

By: Dave & Denise, September 2013

Sandra proved to be a very capable and effective agent, and was successful in selling our house for us in just a week. We engaged Sandra because of her track record and knowledge of real estate in our neighbourhood. We needed a real estate agent to quickly generate offers as our plans were to wrap up the house sale and leave for the Bahamas on our boat within little more than a month. Sandra succeeded in generating interest in the house very quickly through her knowledge of MLS and advertising media. Her hustle, know-how and drive succeeded in generating an offer within 1 week of us engaging her. Sandra worked with professionals to ready the house for viewing and her team put together an attractive advertising brochure with pictures and text which described the features of the house. Sandra was also very professional and followed up after the sale was made. She was thorough and attended to all the details that smoothed the process of turning the house over to the new owner. She was conservative in the promises she made but fulfilled each promise that she did make. We feel that Sandra’s energy and drive combined with her experience and professional network make Sandra an effective real estate agent, and we would recommend her to anyone planning to sell their house.

By: Anne, May 2012

Dear Sandra, I wish to thank you for the very professional way you handled to sale of my aunt's house. You always arrived on time for meetings there, which was a fair distance for you to travel. You always answered our questions courteously and with a lot of expertise. Whenever you needed backup, you had professionals at your fingertips. I like the way that you presented the facts, our options, but didn't try to sway our decisions. My husband was blown away when he saw you in action on the night the offers came in. If it wasn't for your business acumen, I doubt whether we would have gotten as much as we did. Bravo!!!!! Thank you so much.

By: Lena & Dave, January 2012

My husband and I went for a walk one sunny weekend in November and met Sandra at an open house. Two months later, thanks in large part to Sandra's assistance (and lightning-fast responsiveness!), we are very happily settling into our first home, with none of the stress we had been steeling ourselves to expect. Sandra was wonderful to work with – clear, available, and efficient. A very smooth and easy process – Sandra could herd cats and convince them it was their idea.

By: Brenna & Paul, September 2011

It was a pleasure working with you and we found the whole process very positive. We are so happy with our house and would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends.

By: Pat & Angie, March 2011

As we come close to the "Big Day" we wanted to pass along a small note of thanks. It has been a pleasure having the opportunity to work together with you on the purchase of our investment property. Our questions answered and your advice on different aspects helped us in taking the step forward. We have built a working relationship based on trust and respect and confidence in the work that you do and the care you give your clients. We look forward to working with you on our next steps and future plans. Thank you again, this was an important goal for Pat and I and you helped us achieve it.

By: Kim, December 2010

Hi Sandra, You made the process of looking for and purchasing a home a less difficult for first time home buyers like ourselves with your knowledge, recommendations and suggestions. You were/are always available whenever we had questions or concerns, even after the sale had been made (which was very much appreciated). You helped us figure out exactly what we were looking for without being pushy or opinionated. You showed great patience as we went from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, trying to figure out what we wanted. Take Care.

By: Rejan, December 2010

I contacted several different brokers to represent me and no one besides Sandra responded or took the time to look into what I needed. Sandra responded quickly and efficiently and had my interests in sight each step of the way, including providing great advice when it came to what I should look for, or be wary of, in my first real estate transaction. I will definitely use her again when I decide to sell my home.

By: Silvia, November 2010

When we had to sell my mother’s house (after living there for over 46 years), Sandra was a seller’s dream. She was able to connect us to everything we needed in order to get the house “ready to sell”. The trades people (painters, home stagers, plumbers, home inspectors) she recommended were wonderful. She was readily available when we had questions and the many times my elderly mother needed reassurance on details. One of Sandra’s greatest assets is that she remains calm during a very stressful period of time. I have recommended Sandra to many friends as she is a professional who is a gem to work with. She certainly went above and beyond what I expected from a realtor.

By: Steve & Jasmin, March 2010

We thought we would write and let you know how much we appreciated the great effort and hard work you put into helping us with the quick and successful sale of our home. Now that we can take a breather following a busy but expedient move out of our condominium, we were particularly happy about the remarkable speed with which we were able to sell our condo, due in large part to the cozy, spacious, and appealing feel of our staged place. And of course, we were most opportunistic hitting the right timing and price to make the sale go well and smoothly, despite the busy pre-HST real estate climate and increasing competition in the Mississauga/GTA condo market, particularly in our own building. Again, we’d like to thank both of you for your help, and we certainly do wish to keep in touch. We hope to work with both of you in the future again! Thank you.

By: Robin & Kenny, May 2008

I wanted to send you a long overdue note to say thank you. You made the process of selling our house, easy and very quick. Kenny and I both appreciated your professional yet relaxed demeanor throughout the process. You were always able to answer our questions and provide clarity in what can be a confusing process. You certainly made it as enjoyable as it can be. We will be recommending your services to our friends and family who are looking for an agent.

By: Sathya & Shweta, April 2008

We had an outstanding experience in selling our condo. You were extremely patient and worked diligent all the way through. You gave us good advice and knowledgeable service, and the proof is in the results - the condo sold over list price in only 3 days! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and look forward to working with you on the purchase of our next home.